Introduce new energy and build a green home together

2023-04-13 14:51:49 Jiaxing Focusimple Electronics Co., Ltd. Viewd 2203
In recent years, "low-carbon environmental protection" and "green energy" has become an urgent need due to global warming and environment deterioration.

To better conduct and fulfill our Corporation Social Responsibility, Jiaxing Focusimple Electronics consciously applied photovoltaic power generation. The whole roof has been installed with solar panels to convert light energy into electrical energy. Focusimple is contributing to green development and highlighting the concept of "green and low carbon".   


A photovoltaic panel module is a power generating device that generates direct current electricity when exposed to sunlight. It consists of thin, solid photovoltaic cells made almost entirely of semiconductor materials such as silicon.



  High photoelectric conversion efficiency and high reliability

  Advanced diffusion technology which ensures the uniformity of conversion efficiency throughout the chip

  Ensure good electrical conductivity, reliable adhesion and electrode solderability

  High-precision screen printing graphics and high flatness make the battery easy for automatic welding and laser cutting.

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1.     Utilization of idle area

Set up solar panels at the roof area for about 3700㎡ and the carport area for about 600㎡.

2.     High energy output

A total of 610 modules are installed on the roof, with an installed capacity of 335.5kW. There are 44 photovoltaic carports. 240 modules were installed in the carport, with an installed capacity of 132kW. The total power of this distributed photovoltaic system is 467.5kWp.

3.     Self-consumption & surplus electricity

This system is expected to generate 495,200 kWh in the first year, 11,168,800 kWh in 25 years, an average annual power generation of 446,800 kWh.  Take 90% self-use rate for example, the average annual electricity contribution to society is 49,500 kWh.

4.     Contribution to surrounding ecology and green environmental protection

Photovoltaic power generation is the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy without pollutant emissions during the conversion process. Compared with coal-fired power plants with the same capacity, the construction of photovoltaic power stations reduced emissions significantly. Each year, we reduce

Carbon dioxide emission 428928kg

Carbon dust 121529.6kg

Sulfur dioxide 13404kg

Oxynitride 6702kg


At present, the Focusimple photovoltaic system has started to operate. The photovoltaic panels all over the roof are like a square array, standing quietly and shining under the bright sun. Solar energy resources are being converted into electricity to provide long-term benefits for the factory. At the same time, Focusimple will continue to focus on sustainable development in the future, contribute to society through our business, and bring more substantial progress to society with a positive and innovative attitude.

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