Welcome to visit Focusimple Electronics Co., Ltd

When looking for cables, you may need something reliable, something adapt to your application, and something meet your budget.

Focusimple knows your need, and for years we dedicate to make cables more reliable, more user friendly, and more economical.

Focusimple's professional engineering team designs the best structures, selects the best materials and the most advanced production technologies, conduct all cable manufacturing process in constant temperature and humidity workshop to ensure the reliability of product. 

Focusimple engineering team visit customer hundreds times each year, in multiple environments, indoor/outdoor, high/low altitude, wet/dry, hot/cold environments. And developed various cables for application e.g lab testing, field testing, wireless radio station, various radars, vehicle/martime/airborne/space system, and can connect both between the systems and devices inside the systems. Gradually we formed 6 product categories: RF Coaxial Cable, Test Cable Assemly, Solution, Connector, Adaper and Tools.

Focusimple keeps continuous efforts on cost management. But not a single penny is saved for inferior materials, Focusimple always choose the best material for customers. While all values come from the high efficiency management that constrains the waste, and stimulates high turnover rates.