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FSB-390 Lowest Insertion Loss Millimeter Wave Cable
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FSB-390 cable is specially developed for applications where has harsh requirement with low attenuation. The excellent performance is achieved by utilizing solid silver plated copper as center conductor, which is comparable lower than stranded conductor. whereas, unique braid configurations and low density PTFE dielectrics result in attenuation & shielding effectiveness levels better.


Excellent Mechanical & Electrical Characteristics

FSB-390, the lowest insertion loss millimeter wave cable, is 100 % tested in technical way, and shows excellent mechanical & electrical characteristics. The complex constructionPrecision process control as well as advanced manufacturing result in not only light weight and flexure but also low coefficients of expansion over the entire operating temperature range from -55° C to +165° C. Relatedly means impedance discontinuities are minimized, higher levels of power can be transmitted and attenuation are declined.


Customized service

Focusimple’s strengths also include the production of products according to customer specifications, no matter jacket color, connector, armor or other preferences . This manufacturing line offers additional possibilities for demanding customer wishes based on the Focusimple standard requirements.


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