Welcome to visit Focusimple Electronics Co., Ltd

Founded  in 2013, Focusimple is focused on value creating for cable and cable assembly R&D, process managment, technology breakthrough and  customer service.  Being simple on relationships with customers, partners and employees, we are communicating in sincere and simple way with trust!

Main members of Focusimple are come from the world-known companies in the industry, and all with profund knowledge and experience on managment and/or techonology. The comopany is built with international vision, organization, manner and processes. 

Focusimple is contributing the Microwave world with high performance cables, connectors and cable assemblies up to 110GHz,  including ultra flexible, flexible, semi-fexible, semi-rigid  cables for applications such as test and measurement, radar, cabinet jumper,  point-to-point connection, base station, radio station etc.