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FSC Series

FSC-160        FSC-280        FSC-400


FSC-160        FSC-280        FSC-400

High Performance Flexible Coax cable 

1. Center Conductor

2. Dielectric

3. Inner Shield

4. Outer Shield

5. Jacket

FSC series cable provides an economical conformal cable replacement for applications requiring greater flexibility and bending cycles. This series matches the performance of Times TFlex cables and uses the same connectors as standard semi-rigid cable. This cable is constructed with a silver-plated copper center conductor, solid PTFE dielectric, silver-plated copper tape outer conductor, and silver-plated copper braid shield, and blue FEP outer jacket. Typical applications for FSC series cable are test setups, interconnection, and instrumentation. It is available for quick delivery, with customization, and no MOQ.


Meets MIL-C-17

Low cost


Greater bending cycles

Good electrical properties

Long service life

Replace to semi-rigid cable


Card interconnection

Cabinet jumpers

Airborne radar

Missile systems

Phased array radars

Feed networks


Test setups

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