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FSA Serials

FSA-460       FSA-520       FSA-630


FSA-460       FSA-520       FSA-630

Triple Shield High Performance Low Loss Coaxial Cable



1. Center Conductor

2. Dielectric

3. Inner Shield

4. Interlayer

5. Outer Shield

6. Jacket


FSA series cable provides an economical solution for applications requiring high strength and resistance to bending, turn, and crush. It offers low loss, high power handling, reliability, resistance to harsh environments, durability, and long life.

This cable series features a silver-plated copper center conductor, low density PTFE dielectric, flat ribbon braided outer conductor, triple shielding, and blue FEP jacket.FSA series cable is especially suited for use on commercial and military aircraft and ship and ground-based weapons systems. It is available for quick delivery, with customization, and no MOQ.



Meets MIL-C-17

Low loss

High power handling

Good electrical properties


Long service life



ECM&LRU systems

High power

Bending field


Base stations

Test cable assemblies

Wireless stations

Ground systems

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